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About Us

A solution created by THINKTHING STUDIO for the stereotypical problems with green products.

As more places around the world start banning the use of disposable plastic straw, people are trying to find a suitable replacement. However, we found that existing straws in the market have 2 common problems; they are very hard to clean and oh so expensive.

Easy Green

We wanted to change the belief that is it hard to maintain a green lifestyle by making our product simple and user-friendly. It requires simple steps to unfold ZTRAW, making it easy to clean and carry around. Fitting into anyone's lifestyle (and pocket) easily and this convenient practice helps us to slowly adjust into the green future.

Stylish Green

The aesthetic is an important part of everyone's life now, everything must be Instagramable and aesthetically pleasing! This is why we need to break the myth of green product = ugly and made the stylish and minimal ZTRAW design so it looks good to carry around.

The Truth of Plastic

Plastic was first invented to replace ivory, which is obtained through the slaughter of wild elephants. It was praised as the savior of the environment and yet today, plastic is destroying the very environment we swore to protect. Ztraw is created to remind us of the correct use of plastic; its durability and as an alternative from overusing nature’s supply. As long as they are recycled, they can provide a lasting supply of inexpensive material that creates endless possibilities.

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